Forget No Man’s Sky. I’m Getting Hyped To Play Some Spore

In the fall of 2006, the New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine published dueling Spore previews in the span of four weeks. John Seabrook, writing in the New Yorker, said that the game was “anticipated with something like the interest with which writers in Paris in the early twenties awaited Joyce’s Ulysses.”… »10/28/15 4:30pm10/28/15 4:30pm


The Sims Creator Now Wants You to Make Stories Out of Your Own Life

It’s probably not a surprise that the man who created The Sims and SimCity wants you to make stories out of your life. His most famous creations let players spin bizarre melodramas from how they managed (or fiendishly ignored) the needs of either an entire city or a single family. But, Wright’s next big project is all… »5/07/15 1:30pm5/07/15 1:30pm

The next project from the man who created SimCity and Spore isn’t a game.

The next project from the man who created SimCity and Spore isn’t a game. Thred launches today from Will Wright’s Syntertainment. It’s a life-sharing “mobile toolkit” app that lets users curate their photos, links and videos into shareable slideshows that can be decorated with stickers, filters and captions. We’ll… »5/07/15 9:15am5/07/15 9:15am

Chiptunes, Schmiptunes: Embracing The Human Side of Video Game Audio

We're living in something of a golden age of chiptune music. The last five or so years have seen a popularity explosion for the classic electronic sounds that most gamers associate with the games of their youths.

The bleeps, bloops, and grinds of chiptune music have evolved from a technical necessity to an aesthetic… »5/03/12 7:00pm5/03/12 7:00pm

Sims Creator Will Wright Reveals Hivemind, His Next Big Game Powered by Your Life

It looks like Will Wright might be going from manipulating tiny fake people to manipulating normal-sized real ones. VentureBeat's got news of Hivemind, Wright's experimental foray into what he's calling personal gaming. As he describes it, the engines and/or algorithms that power Hivemind will learn and track events… »11/16/11 2:40pm11/16/11 2:40pm

See The Sims Creator Will Wright Deliver A Dizzying, Fascinating Talk About Video Games And Education

If you've ever seen Will Wright, the big brain behind games like The Sims, Spore and SimCity, deliver one of his humorous, hypnotizing talks, you're probably going to want to settle in and watch this one too. If you've never had the good fortune to be assaulted by Will Wright's smarts, well, you're in luck. »4/20/11 8:00pm4/20/11 8:00pm