The Wikipad Gaming Tablet Is Finally Coming Out. And It’ll Be Cheaper.

Originally, the Wikipad—an Android tablet with a custom controller dock—was supposed to come out last Halloween. But October 31st came and went with no Wikipads in any store anywhere. But the hybrid portable is alive and will be showing up in a smaller, less expensive form this spring. » 2/07/13 10:40am 2/07/13 10:40am

The Wikipad's Controller Will Change Your Mind About Tablet Gaming

Look, folks, tablet makers are going to keep trying to seduce you. Armed with numbers that you don't necessarily care about—like these stats about the rise in mobile gaming--they're going to dangle assorted games, controllers and accessories that try to convince you that playing on a phone or tablet can be as… » 9/27/12 9:00am 9/27/12 9:00am