Wii Speak Channel Euro Dated

Sure the Wii Speak Channel launches in North America on November 16th, but when will we be able to speak with our European friends over our tiny white box? I mean, sure...we could use a computer to do it, but who has one of those anymore? Well luckily for us non-computer people the Europeans don't have long to wait,… » 10/07/08 11:30am 10/07/08 11:30am

Wii Speak Channel Coming Next month

You didn't think the Wii Speak microphone was only for Animal Crossing, did you? No, Nintendo announced today at their press conference in San Francisco that an all-new Wii Speak Channel will arrive in North America on November 16th, allowing up to four friends who've exchanged Friend Codes to chat with one another.… » 10/02/08 1:50pm 10/02/08 1:50pm