Kid Eats It In Royals Hot Dog Derby Because His Pants Kept Falling Down

This poor kid was stuffed inside a hot dog costume and entered into a race with two other kids: Ketchup and Relish. Our friend was Mustard and as soon as he made the turn down the right field line his pants started falling down. It was only a matter of time, then. He ate it so hard, and then he ate it again. »8/10/14 11:45pm8/10/14 11:45pm

Sochi's Most Memorable Moments As Rendered By Old-School Video Games

We're loath to see the Sochi Olympics go—truth be told, a few of us are starting to miss Nightmare Bear—so we enlisted the help of old video game consoles to help recreate some of the Winter Games' most memorable moments. Hockey, freestyle skiing, curling—they're all here, backed up by an NES, a Sega Genesis, PSX, and… »2/25/14 6:11pm2/25/14 6:11pm

LEGO Figures Not as Happy as They Were 25 Years Ago, Says Research

Years ago, all LEGO minifigures had a placid, happy expression and a pointedly non-ethnic skintone that fit their role in the larger LEGO universe: They were props, the same as a tree or a fire hydrant. But as LEGO has made more movie tie-ins—and video games—its minifigs have become more brooding. Darker. Angrier. »6/15/13 6:00pm6/15/13 6:00pm

What If Sony Hired Leonard Nimoy to Pitch the PlayStation 4—in 1981?

Hats off to IGN for making the past into a prologue with this PlayStation 4 hype video demake starring a pornstached Leonard Nimoy from 30 years ago. My God, I think the last time I heard that opening synthesizer anthem was in a Raycom highlight show before Maryland and Duke played in the 1984 ACC Tournament final. »2/24/13 2:30pm2/24/13 2:30pm