Rumor: Sony To Introduce 'PSN Pass' for PlayStation Network, May Hit With Resistance 3

Is Sony following the trail blazed by Electronic Arts and other third-party publishers by limiting who has access to its online multiplayer? That's our best guess for what the new, still-unannounced PSN Pass is, a feature rumored to have made its first appearance on the Resistance 3 PS3 bundle. » 7/05/11 4:40pm 7/05/11 4:40pm

Sony Thinks Your PSN Pain and Suffering is Worth Up to $104

Sony is sorry it got hacked and that you've been locked-out of the Playstation Network for over three weeks. Now it would like to buy your forgiveness. Exactly how much the company is willing to part with depends largely upon what kind PSN-user you were previous to the outage, and which of the two Sony gaming… » 5/16/11 9:30pm 5/16/11 9:30pm