Don't Lose Your Mind In This Creepy, Welcomely Old-Fashioned iPhone Adventure Game

Minutes after booting up Forever Lost, I felt like I'd gone back in time. Here my protagonist was, waking up in what appeared to be a mental asylum, with no memory of who he (or she) was or how he (or she) got there. Single screens. A camera. Sliding-tile puzzles. Weird writing on the wall. A journal. You may not have… »10/10/12 11:30am10/10/12 11:30am

Justin Bieber Is A Playable Basketball Pro In NBA 2K13, For Some Reason

I'm not sure why such a thing as this exists, but it does. Justin Bieber—yes, that Justin Bieber, beloved of 5th-grade girls nationwide—is a playable character in NBA 2K13. YouTube user DallasCowboys94Ware has done the world the favor of putting together this saga of Bieber's trials and tribulations on the court,… »10/03/12 11:00am10/03/12 11:00am

Like the Saints' Bounty System, NFL Pro 2013 is Also a Pay-for-Performance Scandal

Unfortunately, this is not one of those App of the Day writeups where the selection is meritorious and the title is an honor. I'm here to dispense consumer advice about NFL Pro 2013, which provides a lot of enticement given the fact it's free and it has NFL licensing. My advice is to walk around NFL Pro 2013 like it… »9/28/12 11:30am9/28/12 11:30am

Break in Your iPhone 5 With Lili, Most Delightful Game on iTunes

We've seen how Epic's Unreal Engine 3 can be used to create dark, gritty and realistic games like The Dark Meadow, Horn and Infinity Blade. Bit Monster's Lili takes the powerful mobile game developing toolset in an entirely new direction, resulting in a whimsically magical experience that easily earns a spot among our »9/21/12 11:30am9/21/12 11:30am