Atari Crashes Castles With Its Warlords Remake

The latest classic Atari game to be dragged kicking-and-screaming from our fond memories into the present day, the new version of Warlords marries the wall-busting gameplay of the original with an element of real-time strategy, with a dash of Castle Crashers cuteness thrown in for good measure. » 3/29/11 11:00am 3/29/11 11:00am

Flight Control Devs Buy Puzzle Quest Devs

The guys that make Flight Control (Firemint) just bought the guys who make Puzzle Quest (Infinite Interactive). If that's not a new casual gaming super-power, we don't know what is. » 1/04/11 2:15am 1/04/11 2:15am

Warlords And Sudoku On XBLA Wednesday

Looks like Xbox Live Arcade decided to follow the Wii's example this week, adding both something old and something new to the mix this Wednesday with Buku Sudoku and the Atari classic Warlords. » 5/27/08 1:40pm 5/27/08 1:40pm