Highlight Reel: The Best Way To End A Dogfight

We've rounded up some of the best highlights from the past few days in the gaming world and put them all in one place for you. Today, a death-defying dogfighting maneuver in War Thunder, a great throw in Madden, and more! » 8/29/14 2:30pm 8/29/14 2:30pm

Highlight Reel: Any Landing You Can Walk (Or Swim) Away From

Today's gaming highlights: Casually landing a plane on a boat in a warzone, jumping over buildings like Superman, an incredible sniper shot, and more! » 7/18/14 1:00pm 7/18/14 1:00pm

Love is in the ai—... water. It's in the water. Let that Christmas Spirit stay a while longer, even if it needs a little help from War Thunder. And don't forget to pull this, or similar stunts in any game in February. » 12/27/13 8:30am 12/27/13 8:30am

​Surprisingly, One PS4 Game Supports Mouse and Keyboard

War Thunder's one of those games flying around in its own orbit. Lots of players—5 million PC players currently in an open beta—not a lot of hype. The guys making it say that it's the most popular aviation game ever, which might be why it was at today's big PS4 event. But it's also a game that's exploiting the… » 11/11/13 6:30pm 11/11/13 6:30pm

A Somber, but Beautiful Trailer About Tanks, Planes, Gunships and War

Gaijin's military combat MMO War Thunder is here to talk to us about the horrors of war—though the all-caps "Ready for Next Gen?" message at the end kinda breaks the mood a bit. Still, whether you care for the game or not, this is a damn great trailer and it deserves at least one look. » 8/30/13 5:40am 8/30/13 5:40am

Ready at launch: Somewhat a blend of World of Tanks and the upcoming World of Warplanes, the PlayStation 4 will see the free-to-play MMO War Thunder featuring 200 models of aircraft and 100 vehicles in ground battles fought by five nations during World War II. » 8/20/13 2:28pm 8/20/13 2:28pm

War Thunder Is Headed to the PlayStation 4

Today, Gaijin Entertainment announced that it was bringing its military MMO game War Thunder to the PS4. War Thunder: Ground Forces will be on the PlayStation 4 this holiday season. » 5/14/13 7:35am 5/14/13 7:35am