Well, the PSN Still Isn't Online In Japan

Enjoying the PlayStation Network and the Qriocity service? Japan...isn't. The Japanese PSN is still down, which is pretty shitty if you have a PS3 and use the Japanese PSN. If not, well. » 6/24/11 10:20am 6/24/11 10:20am

Don't Hold Your Breath for Tekken X Street Fighter Just Yet

Kotaku's played Street Fighter X Tekken, but from the sound of it, nobody outside Namco will playing Tekken X Street Fighter anytime soon. » 5/11/11 8:30am 5/11/11 8:30am

Waiting on That Marvel MMO? Maybe It Gets Here in 2012

The tentative release date for the Marvel Comics MMO seems to be timed with the release of the Captain America and Avengers movies. That, or the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar. » 3/29/09 1:30pm 3/29/09 1:30pm