Uncharted 2’s Museum Level Sucked

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was an immediate game-changer when Naughty Dog released it in 2009. As a high octane love letter to Indiana Jones and the 1950s adventure serials that inspired it, it set an ideal expectation for the adventure genre — never give the player an opportunity to breathe. Every objective must… » 1/09/15 3:00pm 1/09/15 3:00pm

There Are Crazy Fans, And Then There Are Awesome Fans

Janice Chu is an artist in the games business. But in her spare time, she's a fan, just like the rest of us. What makes Janice an awesome fan is that when she finished a couple of Naughty Dog's finest games, she didn't just smile and leave some forum posts. She drew these cute posters and sent them to the people who… » 12/11/13 11:30pm 12/11/13 11:30pm

Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted: The Comparison We Had To Make

It can be a bit difficult to talk about the new Tomb Raider without also talking about Uncharted. Naughty Dog's PS3 series has always had a lot of Tomb Raider in its DNA, and Crystal Dynamics' new Lara Croft adventure has clearly been taking notes from Uncharted. » 3/14/13 9:00pm 3/14/13 9:00pm

The Most Amazing Snow Levels And Zones In Video Games

Barring timed underwater escort missions, snow levels, with all their slippery ice and falling rocks (not to mention the fog), are probably the deadliest. » 2/07/13 8:00pm 2/07/13 8:00pm

Uncharted: Golden Abyss: The Kotaku Review

When Sony unveiled its PlayStation Vita handheld at last year's E3, Uncharted: Golden Abyss was one of the first things they showed. This sent a clear message: "Our new handheld is a portable current-gen console. To prove it, we're going to show it running one of our most technically demanding current-gen games."… » 2/13/12 1:00pm 2/13/12 1:00pm

A Celebration of the Art of the Uncharted Trilogy

Uncharted 3 is out today! In honour of the occasion, I thought now would be a good time to have a little Uncharted party here on Fine Art, and showcase concept and 3D art from all three games in the series. » 11/01/11 6:00am 11/01/11 6:00am

Japanese Television Ruining Uncharted

Starting Oct. 3 on late night television, TV Tokyo is broadcasting a new program to promote Uncharted 3. It will ruin the game's prequel. Literally. » 10/04/11 6:00am 10/04/11 6:00am

Unearthed, the Saudi-Made Uncharted Knockoff, is Available for…

Does this look familiar? Aside from the wooden animations, of course. This is Unearthed: The Trail of Ibn Battuta by Saudi Arabia-based Semaphore, and even this Uncharted copy won't be playable on the Xbox 360. » 6/26/11 5:30pm 6/26/11 5:30pm

First Two Uncharted Games Are Coming Back. Together.

First rumoured earlier in the month, Sony has now confirmed that a bundle deal featuring the first two Uncharted games will go on sale next month. » 6/24/11 5:30am 6/24/11 5:30am

Uncharted Golden Abyss Delivers a Home Console Experience

Uncharted Golden Abyss is the best reason, but certainly not the only one, to buy Sony's still-codenamed Next Generation Portable. » 6/02/11 12:00pm 6/02/11 12:00pm

Uncharted Creator Cool with Loosey-Goosey Movie

The Uncharted movie sounds pretty stupid! It's about a globe-trotting family of antiques collectors that dispense treasure-hunting justice. That doesn't sound like Uncharted at all. What does Uncharted game designer Amy Henning think of the movie's concept? » 5/06/11 3:00am 5/06/11 3:00am

This Uncharted Art Is So Good You'll Think You Can Touch It

Despite the amazing name, Hanno Hagedorn is not a Norse God. He is a mortal, an artist who worked on Uncharted 2, crafting 3D images so damn pretty you have to be told they're not actual works of sculpture. » 2/22/11 6:00am 2/22/11 6:00am

Nathan Drake Sold...Toyotas?

We don't normally post advertisements for the sake of it here, but these ones - in which Uncharted star Nathan Drake shills Toyota 4WDs — were just too bizarre to pass up. » 2/18/11 4:30am 2/18/11 4:30am

Red Dead, Mass Effect & Uncharted Turn On The Charm

Artist Emily Carroll's video game-inspired works don't fill the page with explosions, or large necks, or slutty women. They just show people smiling. Warm, happy smiles. » 1/07/11 9:00am 1/07/11 9:00am

Your Uncharted Movie Nightmares Might Not Happen

The Uncharted movie sure sounds rotten. David O. Russell directing Mark Wahlberg and a family of archaeologists? Stupid! Good thing the game's developer is saying the Hollywood actor's claims just aren't true. Well, sorta. » 12/29/10 7:00am 12/29/10 7:00am

Celebrate Uncharted 2's 1st Birthday In Multiplayer

Uncharted 2's studio is running a 24-hour One-Year Anniversary Event in the game's multiplayer beginning in about five-and-a-half-hours, offering five playlist favorites, quintupled cash payouts with no cash cap, and an exclusive anniversary Nathan Drake multiplayer skin. » 10/15/10 9:30pm 10/15/10 9:30pm

Uncharted 2 Gets A Well-Deserved Game Of The Year Edition

We can think of no better recipient of a Game of the Year Edition than Kotaku's 2009 Game of the Year Uncharted 2. What will $50 net fans come October 12? » 9/28/10 1:20pm 9/28/10 1:20pm

Let This Be The Lone Uncharted Kart Racer

Thanks to the PlayStation 3's ModNation racers, game developers who might dream of detouring their best series into the Mario Kart genre can instead just make, say, an Uncharted ModNation track. The official Uncharted mods are now available for all. » 9/23/10 5:00pm 9/23/10 5:00pm