Find Tricks and Treats This Weekend in Madden, NHL's Ultimate Teams

A two-day-only sale, currently into its second hour, offers a super card pack in NHL 13 »10/26/12 6:30pm10/26/12 6:30pm's Ultimate Team mode, comprising 32 cards in all, 18 of which are guaranteed rare items. I don't think you get any actual ethereal players, as shown in that trailer above, nor any enormous Zdeno Chara. He's already large enough.

Drawing Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Means David Marquez's Girlfriend Has A Bigger Gamerscore Than He Does

Part of Panel Discussion's mission is to look at the ways and places where comics and video games intersect and here in Crossover, we'll be talking to game creators about the comics stories and creators who've shaped their sensibilities. »4/10/12 3:30pm4/10/12 3:30pm So far in Crossover, we've spoken to game creators about comics. This time,…

So, What Makes Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 So Ultimate?

One might ask, does Capcom really need to revisit the work of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which came out in February, in the form of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, due out next month? Capcom special consultant Seth Killian justifies the new title by saying that the development team's gone back under the hood and re-balanced… »10/17/11 2:40pm10/17/11 2:40pm