I Won A Japanese Crane Game For the First Time

A few weeks back when I was checking out Evangelion 3.0 » 12/11/12 8:00am 12/11/12 8:00am for the second time in the theaters, I walked into the neighboring Sega arcade. Right inside the door they had a raffle set up and anyone with a movie ticket got a free draw. Even though I didn't win anything special, the consolation prize was one free try at any…

Toyota Made the Largest UFO Catcher on Earth

UFO Catchera are Sega redemption games. Arcade punters operate a claw and attempt to pull out prizes that range from stuffed animals to instant noodle. Sega didn't make this particular UFO Catcher. Toyota did. » 10/12/11 6:00am 10/12/11 6:00am

Winning Isn't Everything. Blowing Our Minds Is.

Sega arcades are populated with UFO Catchers, claw redemption games that allow punters their chance to win a prize. Prizes can vary from figures to even snacks. » 9/12/11 2:00am 9/12/11 2:00am