How to Overclock Your Video Card and Boost Your Gaming Performance

Overclocking—or running your hardware at higher speeds than it was designed to run—is one of the best ways to boost your gaming performance. Here's how to overclock your video card and get faster, smoother games without spending a dime. » 6/12/13 4:28am 6/12/13 4:28am

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Have you ever had a problem installing the latest and greatest PC game and were forced to scour semi-helpful forum posts for hours looking for a solution? Andrew Tsai certainly has, and he created PCGamingWiki so no one else ever has to.

If Tsai, who goes by the handle Andytizer on the PCGamingWiki site (and is not… » 2/29/12 4:00pm 2/29/12 4:00pm

My How Marvel's Mightiest Have Changed in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 isn't just an additional twelve characters and a few new game modes, it's a chance for Capcom to tweak the mechanics and balance of the original game in such a way that it requires four videos to detail the changes to just the Marvel side of the cast. » 11/07/11 4:20pm 11/07/11 4:20pm

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Speed Up Your PlayStation 3 With The Power Of SSD

You too can enjoy blazing (read: marginally improved) load times and install times on your PlayStation 3, thanks to its easily swapped out hard drive and the speedy read times of solid state media. ExtremeTech tested the results of dropping standard hard drives with spinning magnetic plates for an Intel X-25 solid… » 10/15/08 4:00pm 10/15/08 4:00pm