A Turok Movie? Don't Count Your (Dinosaur-Like) Chickens...

In the midst of a bunch of people talking/getting excited about a Turok movie, Variety's Ben Fritz makes a very valid point: just because people are talking about it, doesn't mean it's getting made. As anyone who's followed the fortunes of, say, Watchmen, or Halo will know, turning a movie from an idea into, well, a… » 6/12/08 3:00am 6/12/08 3:00am

Turok To Stab Dinosaurs At A Movie Theater Near You

Turok, the dinosaur hunting Native American hero, now 50-plus years in existence, is getting the silver screen treatment according to MTV's movie blog. Set to star Adam Beach as the titular dino-stabber, the movie is still a long way off, with the lead actor telling MTV Movies "We're about to set up meetings to… » 6/10/08 7:40pm 6/10/08 7:40pm