At Least One Person Is Already Waiting In Line For The Wii U

Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, who is actually named Isaiah-Triforce Johnson (I've seen his passport!), has made a name for himself as the first person to buy just about every piece of Nintendo hardware in recent history. He was the first to buy the Wii and the first to buy the 3DS. Now he wants to be first to buy the Wii U. »10/22/12 3:00pm10/22/12 3:00pm

Cops Called on the Only Man Camping Out for the 3DS Launch

This guy has been waiting outside a New York City Best Buy since Tuesday, a one-man campout line waiting for the Nintendo 3DS. That is, until store security called the cops to shoo him off. Look, I don't mean to stir the pot, but we know what's going on here: It's because store security is white and this man wears a… »3/24/11 6:00pm3/24/11 6:00pm