Mortal Human Pulls Off Video Game-Like Bike Stunt

Trials Evolution: The Kotaku review

My time with Trials Evolution got me thinking a lot about human perfectibility. It's essentially the principle that no matter how good a person is at something, given enough will and effort, there's still ostensibly room for them to get even better. That idea seems to be one that developer RedLynx banks on. "Yeah,… » 4/19/12 2:00pm 4/19/12 2:00pm

The Next Big Racer From the Folks Behind Trials HD

Racing—real racing—is all the line, finding the best approach to a turn, the best route through a curve and into a straight away. » 7/20/11 10:40am 7/20/11 10:40am

Trials HD Adopts Darwinism, Becomes Trials Evolution

Wait for it. Past the graphics and the darkness, at the very end, you'll catch your first glimpse of Trials Evolution (for Xbox Live Arcade), which the developers call "the next dimension" in the series, and which we'll call "shiny bikes about to cause harm". » 6/07/11 7:21am 6/07/11 7:21am

Five Awesome XBLA Games, One Great Price

There's quite the sale going on over on Xbox Live Arcade at the moment. Five of the very best games around - Limbo, Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers, Trials HD and Monday Night Combat - are going for half price. Normally, they're 1200 MSP. For today, April 15, they're only 600 MSP. » 4/15/11 6:20am 4/15/11 6:20am

'Big Thrills' Coming to Trials HD After November

Forty more white-knuckle, teeth-gnashing tracks are on the way for Trials HD in an expansion pack, due for release sometime after mid-November, titled "Big Thrills." Ten more user-created tracks, chosen by contest, will be also part of the download. » 7/21/10 7:20pm 7/21/10 7:20pm

The Best Digital Game of 2009

Not all video games last year were released on tangible discs. There were also games released via digital means, and some of those games were without a doubt among the strongest titles to hit in 2009. » 1/21/10 9:00am 1/21/10 9:00am

DVR Alert: Spike Televises Top 2009 Indie Developers Tonight

Spike TV's second-annual special celebrating indie games airs on Spike tonight. Host Geoff Keighley shared a copy of the show early with Kotaku and it does indeed feature visits with the makers of Osmos, 'Splosion Man, Trials HD and Flower. » 12/10/09 8:00pm 12/10/09 8:00pm

Trials HD Micro-review: Tribulations

Trials HD isn't only a race against time, but against game physics. Combine that with tricky courses, and you can see why they call the game "Trials" and not "Rad Motorbike Racin' A-Go-Go". Though, that game sounds promising! » 9/03/09 2:30pm 9/03/09 2:30pm

2009 Summer Of Arcade: What's Out When

Five major Xbox Live Arcade titles make up Microsoft's Summer of Arcade lineup, and now we know exactly when each is coming out, from Turtles in Time to Shadow Complex. » 7/09/09 12:40pm 7/09/09 12:40pm

Trials HD Looks Beautiful, Painful

Regrettably, I did not get to play RedLynx's XBLA game Trials HD at E3 2009. But some of my close, E3-attending friends did, gushing about how addictive and exciting it was. They didn't tell me how painful it looked. » 7/08/09 9:30pm 7/08/09 9:30pm