Privacy is a Game for Zynga

Zynga's bajillion dollar bid to go public came with oodles of fun insight into the company, thanks to that filing with the securities and exchange commission. It also landed around the same time that the Facebook game developer launched a new game, one all about your privacy. » 7/07/11 3:40pm 7/07/11 3:40pm

Get a Good Look at Guardian Heroes HD In Motion for the First Time

GameSpot takes a look at Sega's newly announced Xbox Live Arcade port of Saturn classic Guardian Heroes in the latest On The Spot. Whether you prefer the original Saturn sprites or the filtered visual upgrade—not my cup of tea—you're probably going to get excited about Guardian Heroes one more time today. » 5/05/11 11:40pm 5/05/11 11:40pm

Treasure's Bangai-O HD Delayed For A Very Good Reason

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury, the Xbox Live Arcade update to the Treasure series that gets a surprising amount of attention, will not be coming out this year as originally planned. Don't worry, there's a happy ending to this story. » 10/04/10 5:20pm 10/04/10 5:20pm