Activision Makes Transformers Video Games, So Does Its Biggest Rival

Our intern Joshua Rivera was as disappointed with Activision's Xbox 360 Transformers: Dark of the Moon video game as I was with the original mold for Galvatron. The Activision game made him feel like a clumsy Autobot. Activision also published PS3, Wii, DS and 3DS games based on this weekend's Transformers movie. We… »6/28/11 3:40pm6/28/11 3:40pm


The Dark of the Moon Shows a Brighter Side of Transformers Multiplayer

Transformers: War for Cybertron got online multiplayer right, treating the Autobots and Decepticons like soldiers rather than children's toys. The problem was the setting of Cybertron didn't exactly lend itself to varied battlegrounds and colors other than red and purple. Movie tie-in Dark of the Moon fixes that. »5/26/11 6:30pm5/26/11 6:30pm

The Transformers Toys For This Summer's New Movie, Plus Some Transformers Go-Bots

Not much was revealed about the new Transformers video game today in New York City, but a Hasbro 2011 showcase was full of new Transformers toys. Most, as you'll see, were based on the movies and are part of the push for this summer's third live-action Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon. (The game will be a prelude… »2/12/11 8:00pm2/12/11 8:00pm

Is Transformers 3's Optimus Prime a giant robotic butterfly?

If you saw last night's new Transformers 3 trailer, you may have noticed some new hot Optimus Prime gliding, smashing and robot bashing action. We've got an exclusive look at the brand new Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys from the Hasbro Mechtech line which seem to show off Optimus Prime's awesome new wingspan. »2/07/11 4:08pm2/07/11 4:08pm