If There's One Thing Windows RT is Good For, It's Gaming

Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 built specifically to work on mobile processors, confuses a lot of people. It's best to imagine it as a Windows 8 blowup doll—though it resembles the real thing it isn't nearly as functional, but if you use your imagination you can still have a lot of fun. Microsoft Studios… » 2/27/13 5:55pm 2/27/13 5:55pm

Metacritic Bans Review Bombers

Metacritic doesn't just aggregate the arbitrary scores that professional reviewers assign to subjective works such as video games. It aggregates the arbitrary scores anyone can apply to subjective works such as video games. This has all sorts of fun applications, such as abuse. So, recently Metacritic banned a bunch… » 9/22/11 6:00pm 9/22/11 6:00pm

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This Kotaku editor has some serious gaming to do... next week. We're departing for Cologne, Germany and Gamescom 2011 on Monday, so I'd better warm up the old thumbs. Maybe with a little Toy Soldiers: Cold War? » 8/12/11 7:40pm 8/12/11 7:40pm

Buy These Five Summer of Arcade XBLA Games, Get One Free

You could be on the receiving end of a "free" copy of co-op dungeon crawler Crimson Alliance, pictured above, Xbox 360 owners, if you go all-in on this year's "Summer of Arcade" games for Xbox Live Arcade. What's on the list? » 6/27/11 3:40pm 6/27/11 3:40pm

This is Your 2011 Summer of Arcade Lineup

Every year Microsoft selects a handful of Xbox Live Arcade games it considers the very best the platform has to offer and releases them once a week as part of the Summer of Arcade promotion. With Ubisoft's From Dust and Fuelcell's Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet making the cut this time around, we're in for one hell… » 6/06/11 4:10pm 6/06/11 4:10pm

The Xbox Live Arcade Lineup As Vintage Movie Posters

During PAX East this weekend Microsoft hypoed up their attractive upcoming Xbox Live Arcade lineup with a series of limited edition postcards transforming each title into a classic action movie poster. Can you tell which movies the posters came from? » 3/14/11 1:00pm 3/14/11 1:00pm

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Adds Co-Op And... Is That Rambo?

We here at Kotaku loved the first Toy Soldiers, a downloadable Xbox 360 tower defense game set during World War I. The new one, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, is debuting at PAX East in Boston, where I saw it on Saturday. It looks like a fantastic upgrade. » 3/12/11 11:24pm 3/12/11 11:24pm

The New Toy Soldiers Sends G.I. Joe Action Figures To War!

The warfare of Xbox Live Arcade hit Toy Soldiers advances ever closer to the modern era with Toy Soldiers: Cold War, a battle between action figures from the 1980's. Leaving the grim battles of World War I behind, Cold War pits Rambo toys and canon fodder with a kung-fu grip against a Red Menace. » 3/09/11 7:20pm 3/09/11 7:20pm