Q.U.B.E. Shows One Way for Indie Games to Get Money and Make it Back

How much does it take to make an indie game? How long until one makes a profit? The metrics on this kind of thing are always mysterious but a new post on Indie Fund's official website gives some enlightening information with regard to the first game funded by the small-developer investment collective to see release. »1/16/12 4:30pm1/16/12 4:30pm


Q.U.B.E. Delivers the Good Kind of Blocking on Steam Today

At first blush, the environs and first-person perspective of puzzle platformer Q.U.B.E. might look familiar. The game tasks you with manipulating a series of colored three-dimensional cubes that have various effects on the environment. It looks to me like living inside a Rubik's Cube and Stephen Totilo liked it when… »1/06/12 4:30pm1/06/12 4:30pm