Tokitowa Has the Best Characters of Any JRPG This Year

What roleplaying games have that separates them from other types of games is their focus on story more than gameplay. And with this deep exploration of the story comes a game far longer than other genres. While you will spend an average of ten hours on most single-player titles, RPGs can easily last triple that time,… »10/26/12 6:00am10/26/12 6:00am

Grind? What Grind? Tokitowa's Just Fun to Play

Tokitowa is an ambitious game. It mixes sprite-based anime graphics with a 3D world, has dating sim elements, and debuts a unique battle system—all in the same package. Moreover, all these elements are tied together with a complex, time travel narrative. But is Tokitowa able to pull all these different elements into a… »10/19/12 7:30am10/19/12 7:30am