Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Is an Average Epilogue to a Great Series

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising is the newest film in the Tiger & Bunny series, which features a world where superheroes and reality TV have come together to make fighting crime a popular game show. And while the series was unique and enjoyable from start to finish, this theatrical adventure is only marginally above average. »2/11/14 7:30am2/11/14 7:30am


Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning is Half-Rehash and Half-Filler (But Not Half Bad)

Without a doubt, Tiger & Bunny was one of the most popular anime of 2011. It took the idea of superheroes and mixed it with reality TV to create what amounts to a buddy-cop anime series. Now a year after the series' end, the heroes are making their leap to the silver screen with Tiger & Bunny: the Beginning. »10/02/12 9:00am10/02/12 9:00am