​Everything You Ever Loved About Neil Gaiman's Sandman Comes Back Today

Maybe it was portrayal of the Lord of the Dreaming as a mopey loner, ambling through the universe's subconscious. Or the idea that the personifications of Destiny, Death and Destruction were a squabbling yet loving family like yours. Or the way that rotating art teams seemed to capture different facets of Sandman's… »10/30/13 5:05pm10/30/13 5:05pm

NYCC Cosplay: A Female Dr. Doom, A Male White Queen and Kick-Ass Korra

Man, I was either laughing with delight or staring in awe at almost all of the cosplay you'll see in this gallery. Obscure characters, sexy gender swaps and straight-up well-executed costuming are all on display here. And it needs to be said that the dude done up as the White Queen—dubbed Emmet Frost by a friend—was… »10/13/13 5:30pm10/13/13 5:30pm

One of the Funniest Superhero Comics Ever Is Finally Coming Back

The capes. The gadgets. The weird interpersonal relationships. The goats. Superheroes are straight-up absurd when you think about it. In 1997, a series called Quantum & Woody put that absurdity in the spotlight and won the hearts of, well, hundreds. Probably thousands. Definitely not millions, or else it wouldn't… »10/12/13 4:00pm10/12/13 4:00pm

2013's Best Graphic Novel Is All About Killing in the Name of God(s)

Don’t let the appealingly cartoony look of Boxers & Saints fool you. Terrible things happen in this graphic novel. Old men get beaten up. Women and children get killed in rather heartless fashion. And, worst of all, the senseless death that happens in the 500-page opus is based on actual events. But, goddamn, is it… »9/23/13 6:30pm9/23/13 6:30pm

You Must Watch This Supercut of Hugh Jackman Screaming as Wolverine

Being a damn-near immortal killing machine comes with a lot of angst. Friends die, people stab you and those claws hurt every single time they pop out of your forearms. So it’s understandable that Wolverine screams a lot. Want to see every time actor Hugh Jackman screams in the movies featuring the iconic, Canadian… »7/24/13 6:00pm7/24/13 6:00pm