Halo, Mass Effect 2, DC #1s and — New Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans Top This Week's New Comics

Each Wednesday brings new comics worth reading. Some of them are about video games. This month, a lot of them are new DC super-hero comics, since that company is re-launching everything. Read on for recommendations of this week's best stuff and for my capsule reviews of DC's second wave of new books... »9/21/11 3:00pm9/21/11 3:00pm

A Whole Lot of Mega Man and 8 Million new Spider-People Headline a Big Week in New Comics

There are new comics out every week, but this week doesn't just have a strong batch of new books that are hitting store shelves. It's also got an unusually strong amount of legitimate digital downloadable comics, including a re-issuing of a few issues of the Detroit-era Justice League of America. You know, the worst… »8/10/11 7:20pm8/10/11 7:20pm

The New Spider-Man isn't the Only New Comic Worth Checking Out this Week

Good luck squeezing into your local comics shop this week. Plenty of strangers will probably be dropping in to pick up the new Spider-Man comic with the new Spider-Man in it. But squeeze on in, because there are some cool new comics out this week. And there are some good old ones available for legitimate digital… »8/03/11 5:00pm8/03/11 5:00pm