These Midway Games Are Now Warner Bros. Games

When Warner Bros. snapped up ailing publisher/developer Midway, it bought most, but not all of the company's assets, including intellectual properties like Mortal Kombat and This Is Vegas. What else did Warner Bros. grab in the Midway closeout? Lots. » 8/05/09 3:40pm 8/05/09 3:40pm

Midway's Wheelman And Vegas Slip To 2009

Along with the news that it had beaten last year's losses by over 50% this year » 8/05/08 11:40am 8/05/08 11:40am, Midway's quarterly results also show that two of its big titles have slipped off this year's calender into the next. Both the continuously pushed back Vin Diesel vehicle Wheelman and the GTA-style This Is Vegas won't be seeing the light…

New This Is Vegas Screen Shots Display A Distinct Absence Of Brown

Color is your friend - or so we've heard. But color is totally BFFs with Midway's This Is Vegas, a game we doubt will ever be brushed off by the gaming set for its tendency to dip too much into the browner portions of the spectrum. This Is Vegas has more color per pixel than, well, just about any PlayStation 3 or Xbox… » 7/02/08 9:00pm 7/02/08 9:00pm