Circuit City Files For Bankruptcy, Owes $898 Million

Given Circuit City's recently publicized downsizing »11/10/08 3:40pm11/10/08 3:40pm and it probably won't come as a surprise that the situation is dire enough for the electronics and software retailer for them to file for bankruptcy protection. If that out of the blue, aren't you glad we prefaced the announcement with how unsurprising it would be?…

THQ Delays Red Faction, Posts $114M Loss, Confirms Layoffs

Things have been tough for THQ over the past couple weeks, with delays »11/05/08 7:40pm11/05/08 7:40pm, and a making headlines. The company announced its quarterly results today which were, surprise, surprise, not too good. The publisher reported sales of $164.8 million, down from $229.3 million in the same quarter last year. THQ bled cash to the…

EA Loses $310 Million, Sees "Weakness At Retail" In October

Electronic Arts announced its Q2 results today, posting a $310 million net loss for the quarter, despite seeing an increase in revenue totaling $894 million. That's a pretty big difference from last year, when, during the same time frame, EA lost just $195 million on income of $640 million. It takes money to lose… »10/30/08 6:20pm10/30/08 6:20pm