​Hey, You Can Play Some Of The Best Indie Games Right Now

Soon, there will be a glorious deathmatch to decide the cream of the crop from 2013's independently developed video games. That's because the Independent Games Festival just announced its nominees for the awards that they give out annually to the most accomplished indie titles. Some of them aren't out yet. But others… »1/07/14 4:00pm1/07/14 4:00pm

You Never Played The Stanley Parable? Shame On You. Try It Next Week

The Stanley Parable is a remake of the fantastic 2011 Half-Life 2 mod about a man named Stanley. The creators, Galactic Cafe, really don't like sharing anything from the game, as you can see in their trailers, so now they've gone even further and created a standalone demo showing off the behind-the-scenes of… »10/10/13 2:00pm10/10/13 2:00pm

The Stanley Parable Turns Video Game Storytelling On Its Head

Is it a game? Is it a manifesto? An artsy-fartsy waste of time? A story-within-a-story, an exercise in branching plotlines, meta-humor, and video game commentary? The provocative new Half-Life 2 mod The Stanley Parable is perhaps all of those things. Or maybe none of them. The game and its designer hope only that… »8/09/11 8:00pm8/09/11 8:00pm