This Generation's Best Final Fantasys Weren't Named “Final Fantasy”

This console generation saw only a few Final Fantasy games during its time in the sun but luckily two of them were amazing. Of course, I am not talking about Final Fantasy XIV—decent as it is after its relaunch—or any of the Final Fantasy XIIIs. No, I'm talking about Lost Odyssey and The Last Story. » 10/22/13 8:00am 10/22/13 8:00am

British Voices Make This RPG Feel More Regal

Just listen to those grand inflections. This is the new trailer for The Last Story, an upcoming Wii RPG that will be out in the U.S. this summer. (Still no official release date yet.) As you can see, the characters are very English. It's almost as if this game was localized in Europe last year and still somehow took… » 7/02/12 9:30am 7/02/12 9:30am

Final Fantasy Creator's Next Game Is Just The Kind Of Complex, Meaty…

A long time ago, the combat in Japanese role-playing games was extraordinarily simple. Classic turn-based RPGs would hit you with a deluge of random and scripted battles. To beat them, you'd select options like "fight" or "magic" from a series of dropdown menus. You'd usually only die if you were under-leveled, in… » 6/12/12 2:30pm 6/12/12 2:30pm

Why You Should Care About The Final Fantasy Creator's New Wii RPG

Hearts exploded with giddy appreciation for Nintendo this week as the gamemaker announced it would be partnering with publisher Xseed Games to bring fantasy Wii role-playing game The Last Story to U.S. shores this summer. Nintendo has traditionally treated its RPG properties like adolescent children, keeping them… » 2/24/12 3:00pm 2/24/12 3:00pm