This Artist Draws Evil Cheerleaders, Hunky Leon and The Last of Us

If you’ve tried to learn every little thing about the Last of Us, then chances are you’ve already seen Faith Erin Hicks’ artwork. She’s been drawing The Last of Us: American Dreams prequel miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics, which focuses on the character of Ellie before she meets up with playable protagonist… »5/16/13 3:30pm5/16/13 3:30pm


Ellie's Backstory To Be Revealed In The Last Of Us Prequel Comic

We saw, over the summer, that the post-apocalyptic future in The Last of Us is one where fourteen-year-old Ellie has never seen a movie, because movies have ceased to exist. But what about the rest of this young girl's life? What transpires, in a ruined world, that ends up pairing her off with Joel and leading to the… »10/12/12 3:30pm10/12/12 3:30pm