Japan’s Forgotten Yet Wonderfully Quirky Zombie Games

Let's face it. With movies ranging from 28 Days Later » 5/22/12 8:00am 5/22/12 8:00am to and TV shows like , it's quite clear the world has itself a case of zombie-mania. In the realm of gaming, the Japanese have contributed to this as much as anywhere else with game series like , , and , just to name a few. But these are far from the only Japanese…

The Last Guy Visits London, Berlin And...Newcastle

While the Japanese version of The Last Guy was an all-Japan affair, the Western release will be a little more varied » 8/21/08 8:30am 8/21/08 8:30am with its city selection. We already know that will be there for the saving, as well as London, but new screenshots released by Sony today show that Berlin and Washington DC will also be playable, as…

US Version Of The Last Guy Will Kick Off In Frisco

As we already expected, the various international releases of The Last Guy will feature "appropriate" cities for each region. London for the UK, LA for the US, etc etc. We can add one more city to that list, as following a playthrough of the game, MTV found that the American release of the title will start in San… » 8/07/08 11:20pm 8/07/08 11:20pm

The Last Guy Promotional Clip Now With English Subtitles!

An English translated version of the interview with The Last Guy » 8/06/08 3:00am 8/06/08 3:00am's "developers" speaking Bengali — tongue planted firmly in cheek. The actual developers are Sony's Japan Studio and responsible for the PSP's . Pretty sure they don't have a goat in their office, either. Well, maybe they do. Who knows. [PS3 Fanboy]

Last Guy Released Globally Later This Month (With Extra Cities)

Cheap/quick/rad PSN game The Last Guy is already out in Japan, leaving everyone outside » 8/05/08 9:20am 8/05/08 9:20am of Japan wondering when they'll get their turn. Looks like your patience skills won't be needed for this one, as Sony's Hong Kong site has the game pegged for a global release in "August". It also says the game will ship with "many…

The Last Guy Review: Run From The Zombie Monsters!!

You are the chosen one, a zombie straight from the Himalayas, here to save everyone's butts. The Last Guy: Japan Premium is a 314MB PSN title from Sony's Japan Studio. The story is simple: A purple ray hit the Earth, turning everyone who was outside into monsters or zombies. Everyone indoors was spared, and it's your… » 8/05/08 8:00am 8/05/08 8:00am

This Custom Last Guy Level Looks Familiar (And Unplayable)

Yeah, The Last Guy is already out on the PSN in Japan, but for us English-speakers, ehhh, not yet. To help give us a taste of the game, however, Sony have released a flash demo. Of sorts. If you visit the game's official site, you can enter any URL on the net and - after a short wait - have it rendered and playable as… » 8/01/08 12:30am 8/01/08 12:30am

Sony Combines Zombies And... Google Earth

If it was up to me (and it's not), and I could combine Google Earth with one thing, I would combine it with zombies. Well, that's EXACTLY what upcoming Sony Computer Entertainment title The Last Guy does — it's like they read my brain! Details are scant, but the top-down PS3 game has players use Google Earth to rescue… » 7/09/08 7:00am 7/09/08 7:00am