Ash, Claptrap, Sam and Brock Samson Ante Up for Poker Night 2

The long-rumored follow-up to the star-studded Poker Night at the Inventory is no longer rumored, as Telltale Games picks the worst possible day to officially unveil Poker Night 2. It's the sort of timing one would expect with GLaDOS dealing the cards.
» 4/01/13 3:45pm 4/01/13 3:45pm

Evil Dead? There's An App For That

The 30-year-old Evil Dead series is coming to the iPhone and iPad as an "action-heavy 3D shooter" in the coming weeks, a chance to play with the boomstick-wielding, chainsaw-handed Ash on your iOS device and hopefully enjoy a not-terrible Evil Dead game. » 4/06/11 8:00pm 4/06/11 8:00pm