From Xbox Japan Girl to Idol You Can *Ahem*

In 2008, Asami Sakurada (above, red beret) was unknown. She spent that September dressed as an Xbox Event companion at the Tokyo Game Show. Even in early 2010, she was doing booth companion work, appearing at AOU arcade show in the Konami booth. But by late 2010, she had a huge fan base, TV appearances, a record deal,… » 6/15/11 2:00am 6/15/11 2:00am

Star Ocean 4 Looks Amazing, Plays...The Same

Most games at TGS had one booth. Maybe two. Some more high-profile titles had 3-4 booths, some AAA titles like LittleBigPlanet had 10-12. Star Ocean 4, on the other hand, had around 25-30 machines running at the Microsoft stand » 10/15/08 10:20pm 10/15/08 10:20pm, giving you a fair indication of how important this game is to the company, who are hoping…

Booth Showcase: SNK Is The King Of Fighters, Boobs

We close out our TGS booth tours with SNK’s. Thanks for stickin' around. It was both larger and more impressive than last year’s mild effort, thanks in most part to the presence of an row of eight playable King of Fighters XII arcade cabinets. Oh, and two 60” LCD’s showcasing that action, helping make it easily the… » 10/14/08 9:00pm 10/14/08 9:00pm

Studio Ghibli/Level 5 Game Box Gives Other Game Boxes The Finger

[ Gallery fixed, pics now up » 10/14/08 6:10pm 10/14/08 6:10pm] The best thing about Level 5's booth wasn't a game. Wasn't even a game trailer. It was the box for the company's upcoming collaboration with animation house Studio Ghibli, . The entirety of the final retail package was on display, including box art and ridiculously spell book (which…

Bionic Commando Is "Not Fucking Spider-Man"

People are worried that Bionic Commando might be a bit too hard. I’m one of them » 10/14/08 5:00pm 10/14/08 5:00pm. There’s a fear that, because the game’s swinging mechanic is both integral to the game and difficult to master at the same time, a lot of players may not take the time to learn the system and give up on the game. Is this a concern to the…

Booth Showcase: Konami's Solid Sense Of Longing

Oh, Konami. What a difference a year makes. Last year, they were the star of the show, Metal Gear Solid 4 winning over both critics and public alike. This year? They…well, let’s just say they probably wish they could re-release Metal Gear Solid 4 all over again, as without it, their lack of depth in other areas really… » 10/14/08 4:00pm 10/14/08 4:00pm

The PSP Needs More Games Like Macross Ace Frontier

Macross Ace Frontier is in a no-lose situation. The lucky thing. If it sucks as a Macross game, well, it’s a Macross game. They have a history of sucking. If it sucks as a PSP game, well, it’s a PSP game. They (mostly) have a history of sucking. What’s so surprising given both of those expectations, then, is the fact… » 10/14/08 1:00pm 10/14/08 1:00pm

Street Fighter IV Getting Animated For Your Viewing Pleasure

Those brushstroke heavy Street Fighter IV » 10/14/08 6:00am 10/14/08 6:00am trailers are going to get turned into an anime that will fill in the gaps between and its spiritual sequel . Producer Yoshinori Ono stated at TGS that the new animated feature will run between 50 and 60 minutes and hopes to tie the flick with the game's home console release.…

Justify Your Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

If anything, we're now guilty of giving too » 10/13/08 10:00pm 10/13/08 10:00pm much direction on justifying one's game. Rare's Neill Harrison took advantage of our goodwill, which is letting developers and producers prep ahead of time for Justify Your Game, resulting in carefully planned elevator pitches. For , Harrison pretty much nails it following…

Booth Showcase: Capcom's Money Printing Apparatus

By far the two biggest draws of TGS were the Square Enix and Capcom booths » 10/13/08 6:00pm 10/13/08 6:00pm. But you know what, Square Enix doesn't count. Everyone was there for . Capcom's booth, meanwhile, was chock-full of , from Resident Evil 5 to Street Fighter IV to probably the most popular demo on the showroom floor, Monster Hunter 3 on the…