Tesla's CEO Feared Microsoft Would Make His Car Racist And Slow

I'd just taken over as Tesla's PR guy and had been contacted by old friends at Microsoft Game Studios about including the Tesla Roadster in Project Gotham Racing 4. Darryl Siry, my boss, took me into Martin Eberhard's (Tesla's Co-founder/then CEO) office to broach the topic. That's when it went very wrong. »8/14/13 6:45pm8/14/13 6:45pm

Tesla Orchestra Gives an Electrifying Performance of the Zelda Theme

Sometimes called the Zeusaphone, a Tesla coil's musical application is well known and long admired. We've heard it with the Super Mario Bros. theme, now admire a high voltage performance of The Legend of Zelda's title theme by Tesla Orchestra, a group of coilers from the Case Western Reserve University student and… »5/21/11 6:00pm5/21/11 6:00pm