Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gets Added to EVO 2014 Line-Up

Whether you love or hate Namco's long-running Tekken series, you have to admit that it sure was weird not seeing its latest installment as part of the EVO 2014 line-up. But, Heihachi Mishima fans can rest easy now: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has just been announced as one of the titles that the world's best fighting game… »4/04/14 2:12pm4/04/14 2:12pm


Phew, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Have Afro Breakdance Kung-Fu and Boxing Dinosaurs Again

The announcement of a fighting game sequel always comes with two varieties of nervous tension. First comes the worry of "Who's gonna be in it?," where one wonders if their favorite fighters will be showing up in a new installment of Series X. Then comes the panic that developers might have nerfed or ruined your… »7/06/12 3:30pm7/06/12 3:30pm