Disney Has Its Tap Tap Revenge

The maker of Justin Bieber Revenge, Lady Gaga Revenge and even plain old Tap Tap Revenge has a new and magical owner. Disney has snapped up Tapulous, the developer of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch megahits. » 7/01/10 9:00pm 7/01/10 9:00pm

Tap Tap Transforms from iGame Into iMusic Platform

A day after their game, Tap Tap Revenge, was revealed as the top free download on iTunes, the folks behind the title are announcing a new line of games featuring big names in music. » 12/04/08 5:00pm 12/04/08 5:00pm

Tapulous Gets NIN In Your Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge » 10/08/08 4:30pm 10/08/08 4:30pm is a fun little rhythm game for the iPhone in the spirit of Guitar Hero/DDR, with a nice line in slightly obscure/cool tracks. Taking a leaf from the Guitar Hero playbook, Tapulous have announced a partnership with industrial rock god Trent Reznor and his one-man-band-with-session-musicians outfit Nine…