Four Reasons to Be Excited for the Tales of Symphonia HD Remaster

Last month, the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD remaster was released on the PS3 in Japan, and it’s getting a Western release this coming February. And while we’ve all seen HD remasters before, there’s plenty to be excited about in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. » 11/08/13 7:00am 11/08/13 7:00am

Check Out How Much Better the Tales of Symphonia Sequel Looks in HD

Last week we took a look at how the PS3 remaster of Tales of Symphonia stacks up against the original GameCube version. But this is not the only game in the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD remaster collection. Its 2008 sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, has had an HD makeover as well. » 11/05/13 6:00am 11/05/13 6:00am

The Tales of The Abyss Anime Captures the Heart of the Game

This past weekend marked the yearly celebration of all things Tales with Tales of Festival 2013. I had such a good time that after coming back from the event I decided to sit down and watch the anime adaptation of my favorite game in the series: Tales of the Abyss. » 6/07/13 6:00am 6/07/13 6:00am

Japanese Fans Weigh in on Their Favorite Tales Games

This past weekend in Yokohama, 25,000 Japanese fans gathered for Tales of Festival 2013 over the course of two days. And since the conversation at an event like this turns to all things Tales, we at Kotaku East decided to give voice to a few fans about their favorite Tales games and more. » 6/07/13 3:30am 6/07/13 3:30am

Tales of Festival was Four Hours of Pure Joy For Fans

Each year, Bandai-Namco holds a giant Tales-centric event in Yokohama. This year's, Tales of Festival 2013, had nearly 12,000 fans in attendance each day. With concerts, new game announcements, and an array of voice actors from across the games, it was an unbelievably entertaining way to spend four hours. » 6/04/13 8:00am 6/04/13 8:00am