When You Go Four Years Without A New Rainbow Six... Make Your Own

It's been a while since the last Rainbow Six game, so Christian Allen decided to kickstart a spiritual successor to the franchise. A little over a year later, and I finally got to sit down and take a look at the beta version with him. I learned a few things — mostly that pistols don't penetrate armor, and having a… »9/09/13 12:15pm9/09/13 12:15pm

Tactical Shooters Live: Your First Look at Takedown, A Game You May Have Helped Fund

Six months ago, gamers helped veteran game developer Christian Allen meet his small team's $200,000 Kickstarter goal, a goal he hoped would enable them to create a throwback to the wonderful, super-realistic, tactical, plan-or-be-killed shooters of old. They would call their new game Takedown and want to make it into… »9/20/12 2:00pm9/20/12 2:00pm