Delayed XCOM Shooter's Official Site and Videos Taken Offline

The official web presence for the shooter/RPG variant of XCOM, a reboot concept that never seemed to capture gamers' imagination from the moment it was announced in 2010 through its E3 2011 appearance, and several delays thereafter, has been taken down and, further, the game's YouTube videos also have been set to… »4/13/13 1:00pm4/13/13 1:00pm

Grand Theft Auto's Boss is Skeptical of Wii U's Appeal to Core Titles

Whatever you think of Take-Two or its boss, the company's principles are clear and they don't deviate from them. Titles like Max Payne and BioShock and Spec Ops: The Line get delayed because the publisher won't put out anything before it's truly ready. And it'll walk from high profile licenses like Major League… »6/17/12 5:00pm6/17/12 5:00pm