She's In Her Underwear. He's Running Through The Dark Woods. It's Teen Horror as a PS3 Game

The image here pretty much sums up what I remember of the horror movies I watched as a kid. Those Nightmare on Elm Streets and Friday the 13ths that me and my friends would rent on Halloween, some schlock for boys who would enjoy the tawdry thrills of watching dumb teenagers get kiled by some cartoonish villain (who… »10/17/12 12:30pm10/17/12 12:30pm


Exterminate! Here’s Your First Look at the Doctor Who Game in Action

We've seen one screen from the Time Lord's upcoming game but video of Supermassive's Doctor Who game surfaced just a short while ago. The teaser provides glimpses of the antagonists players will be facing up against and you'll get a sense of what the action in Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will play like. The… »1/23/12 10:40am1/23/12 10:40am