Star Command Is A Great Game, But Also A Kickstarter Warning

For the last few days, I've been playing Star Command, a mobile game that's had people excited for a very long time now. Beginning life as a Kickstarter project, it's gone through several major delays, and arrives this week on the App Store an example not just of excellent portable strategy, but of the realities of… » 5/01/13 11:00pm 5/01/13 11:00pm

What the Hell These Game Developers Did with Your Kickstarter Money

The folks at War Balloon Games thought that they had it made. After asking for 20 grand on the web's most popular crowfunding site, backers shoveled all of that and 16,000 more to help make the dev studio's Star Command mobile game a reality. Smooth sailing from here on out, right? Not exactly. » 4/16/12 9:00am 4/16/12 9:00am