Student Gets a Football Manager Job Based on Football Manager Prowess

If I was in a pitch meeting with this story as a screenplay, I'd say it was The Last Starfighter » 11/21/12 9:00pm 11/21/12 9:00pm meets with a little bit of . Vugar Huseynzade, 21, of Sweden, got a job as a supporting manager despite having no experience managing a football team, other than in Sega and Sports Interactive's series.

Football Manager Gets Strawberry and Vanilla Demos

Sports Interactive's Football Manager 2009 has gone gold, hurrah. To ramp up the launch, SI and SEGA Europe are planning to release not one, not three but two » 10/28/08 8:40pm 10/28/08 8:40pm demos. The 'Strawberry' demo will be released at midnight on Sunday 2nd November and will be available to download (PC Only) via Steam. It will feature clubs…

Football Manager Live Will Have Kick-about By Xmas, Full Launch Next…

Sports Interactive is planning a 'soft launch' of its online multiplayer twist on soccer management sim Football Manager 2009, with massively multiplayer footy to kick off properly early in 2009. The Live edition will essentially be a football MMO, with multiple servers hosting different sets of competing teams.… » 10/09/08 8:30pm 10/09/08 8:30pm

Football Manager 2009 PSP & Mac Screens

Sports Interactive/SEGA's management sim Football Manager 2009 is out - confusingly - in November. The latest iteration has even more stats to juggle and features an overhauled 'more realistic' transfer system with transfer rumors now playing a role in negotiations. No word on illegal The PC and Mac versions come with… » 9/05/08 3:20pm 9/05/08 3:20pm