Star Blazers Got Me Through The Shittiest Year Of My Childhood

I was a happy child, but I didn't have such a happy childhood. Other kids didn't get my weird vibe, especially in elementary and middle school. And one year in particular, we moved to a new city and a new school, and things got ugly. Only one thing kept me from losing my shit: Star Blazers. » 3/13/15 4:38pm 3/13/15 4:38pm

See The Weapon That Beats The Wave Motion Gun In The New Yamato Movie

As far as I know, we still haven't gotten the new Space Battleship Yamato 2199 TV/movie series in the United States, even after it aired a whole season in Japan. But now, there's a follow-up movie, Star-Voyaging Ark, in which the Yamato gets hit with a weapon called the Flame Direct Attack Cannon, that can "transcend… » 12/19/14 4:00am 12/19/14 4:00am

This PC Case Mod Is Perfect for Space Battles

Iconic Japanese anime Space Battleship Yamato (localized and edited for the West as Star Blazers) comes alive with this special case mod. » 10/29/12 5:30am 10/29/12 5:30am

This Flying Battleship Is Over 16 Feet of Awesome

Spotted at the recent Wonder Festival, this 1/35 scale Space Battleship Yamato measures over 16 feet was was erected to promoted upcoming anime Space Battleship Yamato: 2199. » 8/01/12 7:30am 8/01/12 7:30am

Star Blazers Creator Dead After Falling From...Boat

This Sunday, 75-year-old Yoshinobu Nishizaki, co-creator of 1970s animated series Space Battleship Yamato (imported to the West as "Star Blazers"), fell from his 485-ton boat "Yamato" at an island port in southern Tokyo. » 11/08/10 4:00am 11/08/10 4:00am