The Difference Between SoulCalibur V and SCIV in Two NSFW Photos

Not yet four years has passed, but check out how the latest SoulCalibur compares to SoulCalibur IV. Can you spot the difference? Hint: it's not just the graphics. » 2/01/12 4:30am 2/01/12 4:30am

Kinect Powered Jiggle With Soulcalibur's Ivy Goes Too Far

Ivy from Namco's Soulcalibur fighting game series is perhaps best known for her ample endowments and her unique sword. When combined with Kinect motion capture, Ivy's extreme anatomy doesn't hold up very well. » 1/05/11 6:40pm 1/05/11 6:40pm

The Next Soulcalibur Is Already Under Development

Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada and the new Soulcalibur director Daishi Odashima confirmed yesterday that the latest offering in the venerable fighting series is under development. » 12/26/10 12:00pm 12/26/10 12:00pm

Medal Of Honor, Soulcalibur Join Games On Demand

Microsoft has today added Medal Of Honor: Airborne and Soulcalibur IV to the 360's Games on Demand service, both for the "getting warmer, guys" price of $20. » 6/02/10 12:46am 6/02/10 12:46am

Ten New Titles Join PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits Library

Confirming last night's Walmart ad, Sony has announced ten new titles joining the PlayStation 3's budget-priced Greatest Hits line, with inFAMOUS, God of War Collection, Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 and more now available for $29.99. » 4/01/10 1:20pm 4/01/10 1:20pm

PS3 vs. PSP Ivy FIGHT!!

Very important stuff! This fall, Soulcalibur is coming to the PSP with Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. How does it stack up to PS3's Soulcalibur IV — more important how does Ivy stack up? Boobs ahead — beware! » 6/01/09 2:00am 6/01/09 2:00am

Tekken 6 Preview: When Pigs Fly

The Tekken series holds a special place in my heart for its elaborate ending sequences, its NPC-fraught arenas and the inclusion of capoeira as a martial art. » 4/29/09 8:20pm 4/29/09 8:20pm

Tales of the World 2 Gets Soulcalibur Costumes

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology isn't just pulling stuff from the plethora of Tales games anymore. Behold these images of Taki and Mitsurugi costumes. » 2/18/09 5:30am 2/18/09 5:30am

Evo 2009 Returns To Vegas In July, Bring Shorts

Curl your mustaches and iron your Knicks jerseys, because the Evolution Championship Series will be hitting Las Vegas this July, pitting the world's best of the best digital fighters in bloodless mortal combat. » 2/02/09 8:40pm 2/02/09 8:40pm

Voldo Is One Smooth Criminal

He may be a raspy-breathing, pie server-wielding, bondage harness-wearing freak of nature, but Soulcalibur's resident underworld assassin Voldo knows how to get his groove on.

Fansite Soul Singapore sends us this video of not one but two Voldos decked out in their finest Michael Jackson attire as they ask that… » 12/16/08 1:20pm 12/16/08 1:20pm

Vader, Yoda, Girls In Cat Suits Duke It Out Soulcalibur Style

Look, I'll admit to buying some Soulcalibur IV » 10/23/08 10:40pm 10/23/08 10:40pm downloadable content. Almost by accident, really, as some bonus costumes were mistakenly added to my PlayStation Store shopping cart and I already had the money. Sorry for being part of the problem! Fortunately, I don't feel the urge to download Yoda for five bucks.…

Vader, Yoda Cross Soul Calibur IV Versions On October 23

Like a disturbance in the force, you knew it was coming. With the official announcement popping out for the Japanese market last week » 10/20/08 8:20am 10/20/08 8:20am, today we hear that Darth Vader and Yoda will be made available as downloadable characters for Soul Calibur IV in the US as well. Which means 360 owners can play as Vader, PS3 owners,…

First Official SCIV Yoda/Darth Vader Fighting Screens

You're surprised? Please, don't be. When Namco Bandai released the multi-platform Soulcalibur IV » 10/17/08 6:00am 10/17/08 6:00am, the PS3 got Darth Vader and the Xbox 360 got Yoda. Now you can get both thanks to the magic of DLC and capitalism. Ah, bless capitalism. It's made it not only possible for Vader and Yoda to fight each other, but for them…

SoulCalibur IV Goes Schoolgirl

Dress up time! Japan is getting more discerning SoulCalibur IV » 9/04/08 2:00am 9/04/08 2:00am DLC. Previously, the country got maid outfits, and now that Namco Bandai is releasing another ¥300 (US$2.77) DLC bundle called "Customize Parts", players can outfit their fighters in various types of schoolgirl outfits. There are a sailor type uniform, a…

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend should be full of "Oh shit!" moments, as Kotaku Towers West and Kotaku Annex Atlanta prep for the Leipzig Games Convention. We're mostly caught up on our bookings, but I still need to score a train ticket from Frankfurt to Leipzig, as well as book my German vacation days. You won't have this editor to… » 8/15/08 3:40pm 8/15/08 3:40pm

Two Soulcalibur IV Things We Expected (One Shameful)

The inevitable Soulcalibur IV » 8/14/08 3:30am 8/14/08 3:30am DLC is hitting! And the initial goods are maid outfits, joining the existing maid-like costumes. And joining that inevitable DLC is followed by the inevitable (and shameful!) photo gallery of underpants and apron action. That's after the jump — and yes, we guess it's totally NSFW. You've…

Soulcalibur IV, Over 2 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Either bigger boobs or Star Wars » 8/06/08 5:00am 8/06/08 5:00am characters did the trick, because Namco Bandai Games has announced that has already sold (not shipped, ) over 2,000,000 copies of . The multi-platform game went on sale in the States on July 29th and in Japan and Europe on July 31st. Many people have purchased it. [Game Watch]

People Are Going SCIV Creator Crazy!

That character creator in Soulcalibur IV » 8/05/08 1:00am 8/05/08 1:00am certainly has opened up a barrel nutty! Picking up where creations left off, just check out this rogues gallery which includes appearances by Ronald McDonald (with an afro!), the girls from , , Dante from , , the Mario Bros., the bride from , Gundam and many, many more! Right…

There Are "No Plans" For Yoda v Vader In Soul Calibur IV

While some could-be-real, could- not » 8/04/08 7:30am 8/04/08 7:30am-be-real images and video of Vader battling Yoda in Soul Calibur IV , the rumour that both characters will feature as DLC (Yoda for PS3, Vader for 360) is far from confirmed. Enter Soul Calibur IV director Katsutoshi Sasaki, who...fails to confirm or deny said rumours, saying "We…

Obama vs. McCain in Soulcalibur IV

PC World's Darren Gladstone got an itching to make some custom characters in SCIV, and created U.S. presidential candidates John McCain (Vietnam vet headband, big ass mallet) and Barack Obama (shirtless and swingin' nunchaku.) And of course, the video ends with their series tied at 2-2, just so no one thinks this… » 8/02/08 12:00pm 8/02/08 12:00pm