Hacker's Fight With Sony Is Over, But Not For Anonymous

Sony and George Hotz, the hacker who jailbroke the PS3, reached a settlement that ends Sony's multizillion dollar claim against the 21-year-old rapper provided he never screws with their stuff ever again. End of controversy, right? Well, someone failed to clear this with Anonymous, self-appointed sheriff of Internet… »4/13/11 10:00pm4/13/11 10:00pm

PlayStation Network Down For 'Maintenance,' Websites Crawling On Day Of Promised Cyber-Attack

Just hours after the hacker collective Anonymous threatened to take down the PlayStation Network and major Sony websites, the PSN — the service that allows PS3 gamers to compete online and download games — has been going on and offline. The official PlayStation blog and Sony's U.S. PlayStation site are also loading… »4/04/11 3:40pm4/04/11 3:40pm