Hacker Group Says It's Snagged Sony Computer Entertainment's Developer…

The hacker collective Lulz Security isn't taking a break from its attacks on Sony simply because it's E3. This morning, via Twitter, Lulzsec bragged that it had compiled Sony Computer Entertainment's Developer Network source code. Earlier in the week Lulzsec went after Sony BMG and Sony Pictures, and broke into… » 6/06/11 11:51am 6/06/11 11:51am

Sony Wants to be More Than Just Friends With Bungie

While Bungie's new date is Activision, not Sony, it likely means PS3 games coming from the Halo people. As if noticing a hottie had just changed her Facebook status to "single," Sony turned on the charm Thursday. » 4/29/10 8:30pm 4/29/10 8:30pm