New Sonic Chronicles Insider Trailers Show Environments and Characters

Only 2 weeks until we can get our hands on BioWare's rendition of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Of all the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood trailers we've posted, these two are by far the best. They give us the most insight on what we can expect in terms of character abilities and environments. Second… »9/16/08 10:00pm9/16/08 10:00pm


You Will Remember The Sonic Chronicles Story "For A While"

Mass Effect »9/03/08 8:20am9/03/08 8:20am and developer BioWare is churning out RPG for SEGA. A Sonic RPG? Nothanks.jpg. But a BioWare Sonic RPG? Okay, we're at least receptive. When vaguely talking plot, the game's art director Joel MacMillan said: Sonic fans remember a lot that has happened to that blue hedgehog in the last few years, none of…