There's More to the Sonic 2 Keylogger Story Than Meets the Eye

In case you missed the updates, there have been some interesting developments in the Sonic 2 HD keylogger story. Namely, that the original source allegation has since been withdrawn, and that it's come to light that one developer involved may well be holding the entire project hostage. [Original Story] » 4/12/12 6:58pm 4/12/12 6:58pm

Sonic 2 HD Tech Demo Released, Requires Serious Blast Processing

The fan made, high definition update of Sonic 2 » 9/16/08 9:30pm 9/16/08 9:30pm for the Sega Genesis — or Mega Drive, if that's your speed — has reached a milestone. Sonic 2 HD, , is now playable. A public (and very limited) tech demo has been released, showcasing the work the open source team has done over the past months. Be warned, though. To…