Weeks Later, SOMA's Haunting Ending Still Has Players Debating What Happened

I spent a few minutes staring at the screen when SOMA ended. It’s messed up, and even though you can see it coming, it’s still heartbreaking and shocking. At the heart of SOMA’s conclusion is something called the “coin flip” theory, which hardcore fans have been going back and forth on. »11/11/15 9:20am11/11/15 9:20am


SOMA Is Scarier When The Monsters Aren’t Around

This picture of a mouse might be the scariest thing I encountered in all of SOMA. Now that I’m not playing the game, I can see that it is not, in fact, scary. Out of context, you might even find the picture funny. Yet while I was immersed in the game, feeling like I was Simon Jarrett lost in the wreckage of the … »10/02/15 6:30pm10/02/15 6:30pm

SOMA Players Crack Hidden Code, Unlock The Game That Could Have Been

SOMA players have discovered—and solved—something weird. If you shove a plastic toy into the toilet and flush, a set of numbers appear on the screen. If you find enough of these numbers and use them as the password for a file called _supersecrets.rar in SOMA’s installation directory, you’ll find something special. »9/25/15 2:07pm9/25/15 2:07pm

The Deep Sea Is Terrifying, And This Game Proves It

My hands are sweating. As I walk inside narrow metal hallways, I notice that I'm hearing things that, frankly, I'm not even sure are actually there. Hollow screeches. Faraway wails. It reminds me of seeing a shadow in the corner of your eyes, a darkness your sight never catches up with but that you're still convinced… »4/04/14 1:30pm4/04/14 1:30pm

”It’s not my fault people keep killing themselves.”

”It’s not my fault people keep killing themselves.” The latest environment trailer for Frictional Games’ upcoming space horror game SOMA adds voices to excellent effect. I’d be happy just wandering these halls and listening to people talk. Knowing Frictional, there’ll probably be things try to kill me too. Always with… »3/05/14 9:40am3/05/14 9:40am