SOL: Exodus Closed Beta Contest Winners Demonstrate the Soul of a…

Over the Thanksgiving break we asked fans of space sims to prove their passion for a shot at one of 25 spots in the closed beta test for upcoming PC star fighter SOL: Exodus. Time to see who made the grade! » 12/06/11 4:20pm 12/06/11 4:20pm

Show Us Your Space Sim Spirit For a Spot in the SOL: Exodus Closed Beta

Seamless Entertainment's upcoming space combat sim SOL: Exodus is a game built for the most dedicated fighter pilots; the kind that long for the days of Wing Commander and Freespace, Privateer and X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter. If you can prove your space sim passion, then we might just have a spot in the SOL: Exodus closed… » 11/28/11 3:00pm 11/28/11 3:00pm