Facebook Makes About $407 Every Second

Yesterday evening Facebook was was down for a little over 30 minutes. In that time, the company lost somewhere in the ballpark of $854,700 in revenue. That figure's based on a revenue report for last quarter. The company's total takings from July to September? $3.2 billion. » 10/29/14 5:53pm 10/29/14 5:53pm

How an Army of Junkies and Kids Enriches Tech Titans

The company behind Farmville is sealing a deal with Google and has been embraced by Apple and Facebook. That such companies would associate themselves with the exploitation of children and financially depleted addicts is alarming, even in hyper-aggressive Silicon Valley. » 8/05/10 2:01pm 8/05/10 2:01pm

Gaming Surpasses Email In Time Spent Online

Gaming accounts for 10 percent of time spent online in the United States - overtaking email - according to research by Nielsen, which doesn't sound like a lot but it is the second-leading reason, and one that's growing. » 8/04/10 8:30pm 8/04/10 8:30pm

Gaming Social Network Launches Revamped Site

The game-oriented social network GamerDNA launched an enhanced version of its site today, promising it not only delivers gamers to the kinds titles they'd enjoy, but also other gamers they'd enjoy playing with. » 9/02/09 9:00pm 9/02/09 9:00pm